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Custom Images, Advertising Capabilities, Multi Station modules, Custom Dj Widgets, Support, Tips and Tricks on Live streaming and an awesome relationship with Network.

install 14


How to install “IpoRadio Html5 Player”?

Step 1. Through your wordpress plugin Page click “Install”

install 1

Step2: Activate

install 2

Confirm Activated:

install 3

Setting Page:

install 4

Streaming Settings:

Pay Attention Here

install 6

Setting IP Address to Stream Link

Login your streaming server back office. Locate the “Quick Links” link

Locate the “Your streaming server index page:” This is the Link you need to input here

You will Need to add a forward slash and semicolon to the end like this

Example :;

install 9

Setting Station ID

In the same “Quick Links” link just above the last Find

Your stream start page:

Your ID will be at the end of this link

install 10

Setting the IP Address and Port:

In the same “Quick Links” link just to the left Find

Your stream start page:

Your IP and Port will be at the beginning Note: DO NOT INCLUDE “http://”

install 11

Setting Menu links and Saving Fields

This is easy you have 9 menu options. These will open in a new window.

You have “Menu Text” and “Menu Link

After filling all fields Write File.

install 5

Saving All and writing file

Now you are almost done!! Press “Write file”

install 7

Placing Widget on Sidebar

This widget is set to pop out and is sized to fit all browsers including mobile devices.

Copy Widget Code” Place this in a “Text” Widget on the sidebar and you should now have a nice player for your station.

install 8

install 12

Results should be this

Screen Shot